• Library Training

Free training is offered by the Johannes Zimmermann Library to all registered students. The training is in the following areas:


  • Photocopying

There is a photocopying service in the library. Users are to provide all the necessary information on a photocopying slip for every document they want photocopied. It should however be noted that no part of a thesis or dissertation may be photocopied. Students are to make payment for copies requested for before copies are made. Receipt (s) must be collected for every payment made.


  • Printing

The library offers printing service, which allows students print documents on their own, with their unique codes for a fee.

  • Scanning

Contact Library staff to have your documents scanned at a fee.

3.5 24-Hour Reading Room

This facility is available for students use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Entry to this section of the library is restricted to members of ACI community.