Library Regulations

1. Security

Only registered students are allowed in the Monninger and Stamm Rooms and during extended opened hours (i.e. after 17:00 GMT). Every class of students has a key for the group. Students may not on any occasion transfer their keys to staff and external library users.


2. Borrowing

The Zimmermann Library is basically for reference purposes. However, borrowing facilities exist for students studying at the Institute. Each student is given a numeric code which enables him/her borrow books using the Library software with the help of library staff.


3. Borrowing Schedule

The maximum number of books that can be checked out at the same time are as follows:

MA Students–4 books for 7 days

MTh Students–5 books for 7 days

PhD Students–6 books for 7days

Faculty – 15 books for 7 days

4. Returning Book(s)

Books should be returned before the Library closes (i.e.21:00 GMT) each day. Ensure that the front desk personnel check out the book in your name using the Library software. Drop all books into the ‘Book Return Box’. Do not leave them on the Library Reception Desk. Return all books in your custody should you be absent from ACI for a prolonged period.

5. Book Reservation

Students are requested not to transfer any book(s) in their custody to other students/library users. If you need a book that is out on loan, please ask at the Reception Desk and fill in a Reservation Slip. The book(s) will be traced and you will be notified when it is/they are returned to the Library.

6. Overdue Fines

A fine of GHC5.00 per book per day will be charged for overdue books. The same charge applies for books taken out without the proper procedure. Students can only take out more books after they have settled all fines. Failure to settle fines will result in a suspension from use of the Library service.

7. Lost Materials

Cost of replacing Library material that has been misplaced is three (3) times the cost of the material plus the cost of processing the replaced material.

8. Copyright Law

The Institute, staff and students, seek to abide by the International and Ghana‘s Copyright Law. In particular, it does not permit the reproduction of a whole or a substantial part of a book or document. The Institute signed an agreement with Copy Ghana on 14th February 2013 and has been granted a licence for the reproduction of part of protected material from Ghanaian and foreign publications. The licence granted covers only reproduction onto paper, transparencies and slides.