Library Instructions

General Rules

  • Do not bring any inflammable source of light (e.g. matches, candles and non-solar lanterns) into the Library.
  • Food, drinks, water and sweets are not allowed into the library.
  • Needles, toothpicks and other sharp objects are forbidden within the library.
  • Bags, files and other carriers must be deposited at the designated place.
  • The Library staff reserve the right to inspect your bag/file after a visit.
  • The use of mobile phone is forbidden within the Library. Please, turn them off, on vibration or silent, so as not to inconvenience others.
  • Silence should be maintained in the Library at all time.
  • Do not under any circumstance mark, dog ear or deface a book/publication. All books will be checked before and after borrowing. The cost of cleaning a book to remove marks will be charged to the user if a book is marked or defaced by borrower.
  • Scanners and Cameras cannot be used within the Library premises without the permission of the Librarian.
  • Books consulted should not be returned to the shelves. They should be left in the carrels. Much trouble and delay are caused in re-shelving books that have been placed incorrectly on the shelves.
  • Students may not download or install any software on any of the computers. Downloads will be deleted without recourse to student(s).
  • Users should not tamper with any computer setting. If you have problems with the computer facilities, please inform Library staff.

We wish to emphasize that, materials in this Library represent a unique and costly resources. Many of them are irreplaceable. Please, treat them with great care and respect so that other students may have access to them.